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Early - Super Stardom

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red pantsuit
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
white mink

black nightgown 1
black nightgown 2
red nightgown
yellow/beige sheer nightgown
black dress white collar

most of these are by gene korman


Black and White Dress
sapphire necklace with white mink
red dress
Marilyn Monroe
at the drive in - by halsman (?)
Eating in Car Not Smiling
Eating in Car Smiling
chair and belted dress - by john florea (?)
Marilyn Monroe
black dress jewel covered straps
Black dress yellow backgound
strapless dress
Marilyn Monroe
Dancing with some guy
receiving awards, honors, or gifts
prince and showgirl press conferences
divorcing dimaggio
charity benefit: madison square garden, new york, march 1955
Marilyn Monroe
radio show
pool side black bathing suit (from monkey business film?)
Marilyn Monroe
in a car
in a car - candid
at the airport / in planes
white dress white mink
champaign, white gloves
interview 1
interview 2
white gloves on couch
white swimsuit / ladder
white / gold dress in the weeds
peasant blouse
on the phone green dress
 carpet checkered capris
 chair outside with drink - by rizzo (?)
in canada
on bear skin rug
with some guy in Ontario
publicity stunt diamond necklace
Diamond necklace
Diamond necklace
Diamond necklace
checkered capris 2 pink blouse
with DiMaggio